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  • 岳阳高昌大设备有限公司


    On the morning of November 22nd, all the staff and teachers of the International College of Yunnan University of Business Management held a regular meeting of the International College in the conference room on the third floor of the Health Care Training Center of Haiyuan campus. The meeting focused on the concept of "One Group, One Dream, One Familyand aimed to promote the internal familiarity within the international college team, mobilize the enthusiasm of the team, and further promote the international development. Mr. Liu Xiang, Vice President of Hanwen Group as well as the head of the International Department; Mr. Andre Du Plessis, Director of Foreign Exchange and Cooperation and the Dean of International College, plus all the members of the International College attended the meeting.

    Mr. Liu Xiang, Vice President and head of International Department of Yunnan Hanwen Education Group, first extended a warm welcome to the new colleagues and foreign teachers of the International College, introduced the international development process of Yunnan University of Business Management since its establishment, highly affirmed the work of foreign teachers in the past, and also placed great hopes on the current foreign teachers and staff of the International College to promote further international development.

    Mr. Andre Du Plessis, Director of Foreign Exchange and Cooperation of Hanwen Education Group and the Dean of International College of Yunnan University of Business Management, introduced the organizational structure and future international development strategy of all departments of International College to the participants; publicized the group running philosophy of "One Group, One Dream, One Family"; hoped to bring students more vitality and learning motivation by mobilizing the enthusiasm of foreign teachers, encouraged foreign teachers to actively participate in international development strategies, international projects, and international publicity work on the premise of ensuring teaching quality.

    After the meeting, all the staff and teacher from the International College including both Chinese and foreign personnel took group photos together. At present, the foreign teachers of Yunnan University of Business Management come from South Africa, Canada, the United States, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, Russia, Pakistan and other countries. While creating a rich and diverse international environment, they provide more possibilities for our international development.

    After the meeting, all the staff and teacher from the International College including both Chinese and foreign personnel took group photos together. At present, the foreign teachers of Yunnan University of Business Management come from South Africa, Canada, the United States, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, Russia, Pakistan and other countries. While creating a rich and diverse international environment, they provide more possibilities for our international development.

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